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We don’t just make videos, we tell stories to remember

Stories are central to our existence as humans. No matter what type, size, shape or form, any content needs a good story. We are committed to give you that. 

We founded VideoCorp in 2020 channelling more than 15 years of media and storytelling experience to deliver state-of-the-art content through multimedia formats. VideoCorp provides integrated video and audio content services for companies, media agencies and publishers.

We transformed the multimedia content in the publishing space. Now we want to transform your company. Attract attention, inspire and impress with VideoCorp, a video production agency that will help your brand grow, thrive, and stand out.

Moreover, we are an integrated team consisting of experienced journalists, multimedia producers, designers, creative directors and project managers. When you come to us with an objective, we provide you a concept and means of communicating it through breathtaking video.

About Us


We believe in storytelling and video. We want to help brands and businesses like yours tell their stories with standout video content. From corporate video to branded content, we create high quality video content to engage, entertain and inform audiences. 

What We Do
  • We consult. Before any collaboration, we discuss together to identify the needs of your company that can be solved through multimedia content.
  • We ideate. Using our team of creatives, we take your brief, and we come up with ideas that can be applied using video content.
  • We debate. We present our idea to you, and we debate how we can implement it better, faster and more efficient than anyone.
  • We plan. We create a strategy plan for the content including every aspect you need – shooting, editing, publishing plan.
  • We create. We shoot, edit, post-process the work. and come to you with the final result.
  • We distribute. We promote and distribute your video online if you don’t have an in house marketing department.
How We Work

VideoCorp will be involved in shaping the creative concept, will provide you with the technical know-how, the necessary equipment, and will take care of the actual filming, editing of the videos, the development of animated graphics and visual effects, and everything involved in the post-production process.

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